Recieve prompt email alerts on virtual machine or host performance issues.

december 15, 2:02 pm
how-to, alerts

This article is about Igiko Management Tools 2.0 new feature – E-mail alerts. E-mail alerts are a feature that will promptly inform you about any performance issues on your machines. You can specify threshold levels for CPU, memory, disk, and network performance counters. If any of these thresholds are exceeded, you will be notified via E-mail.

To set up E-mail alerts you need to make 3 simple steps:

  1. Configure SMTP server settings.
  2. Set an E-mail to be notified.
  3. Set performance thresholds for hosts and VMs.

To enable the "notification emails" feature, the admin should configure global SMTP settings. The application will use these to send notifications to users. Please go to the Settings and then to the Notifications tab.

Edit SMTP settings here, set the parameters and then test by sending an email.

Using the same page, a user can enable email notifications, set an email address that will receive all alerts, and set the notification period from 1 hour to 24 hours. The frequency of email alerts depends on this parameter.

Click Settings again and set performance thresholds for hosts and VMs. You can define the warning and alert levels separately.

 After all, you will start receiving notification emails.

For more details about the E-mail alerts  feature please watch this video