Easy Management and Access

Igiko Management Tools are a common set of web-based tools designed to provide users with features for remote access, management and monitoring of physical and virtual machines within a permission-based security model.


A single pane of glass for your infrastructure management, monitoring, and access control

Physical and Virtual Machine Monitoring

Monitor and check the status of physical Windows machines and Hyper-V VMs using the information dashboard or special charts. Get notifications about performance degradation before user operations are affected. Or grant users permissions so that they can track performance themselves.

igiko virtual machine monitoring dashboard
igiko hosts management

Windows and Hyper-V Management

Perform basic operations on computers and VMs from a single web console. Use scheduled operations if needed. Minimize the time spent on routine operations.

User access control

Carry out control over user access to your physical and virtual infrastructure objects through the system of granular object access permissions.

igiko permissions management

Embedded RDP Gateway
Connect anytime anywhere

You can initiate remote desktop or native VM connection sessions to your hosts and VMs. The entire functionality acts as an RDP gateway with HTML5 RDP client control. This allows you to connect to your hosts and VMs remotely from anywhere.


Who's interested in Igiko

SMEs that need to provide their own employees with anytime, anywhere access to computers

Hosting providers to provide customers with access to purchased VMs

Companies that have remote servers in a colocation facility

IT administrators to monitor the health of environment and perform basic routine management tasks from anywhere

Software developers and QA engineers who need access to testbed computers and VMs

Training centers to provide students with safe and manageable virtual lab functionality


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