Remote Management and Access Guidelines

june 19, 8:26 pm

Igiko survey results

news, survey results

Within 4 months we collected feedback from existing customers on improving our software.
On June 15, we summed up the results and chose a random winner who won a $100 coupon for Amazon.
We also constantly conduct user surveys at the end of which the best reviews will receive prizes.

april 1, 8:07 am

Igiko installation and initial configuration - Simple steps

How-To, Installation

The installation of Igiko Management Tools is quite simple. However, to avoid any difficulties, we have recorded a detailed video where we explain in detail:
- how to register on the web site,
- get a license number,
- download the application installer.
We will also show the differences between the free and paid versions and explain which one is better for your needs. After all, you will see all the steps necessary for the installation and configuration.

february 20, 12:50 pm

Igiko Management Tools: use cases for remote access - Web RDP

Article, Web RDP, RMM

This article is focused on various use cases for Web RDP, one of the major features of Igiko Management Tools. It’s used to provide remote access to physical and virtual machines through a web browser.