Pay-as-you-go License

1/31/2024 9:54 AM

For hosting providers with a highly variable number of virtual machines from month to month, we are ready to offer pay-as-you-go licensing. By purchasing this license, you receive a product with a set of functions similar to the Enterprise version, but the payment will take into account monthly load changes, which will be beneficial for you.

Pay-as-you-go license billing features:

  1. Billing for this type of license will take place monthly.
  2. The payment includes a fixed part of $75 per month, which includes the management of 50 machines.
  3. If the load is exceeded, $0.0025 will be charged per additional hour per machine.

Calculation examples:

  1. Igiko manages 50 machines or less - pay $75 per month.
  2. Variable load:
    • In January there were 30 machines under management - $75
    • In February 100 machines - pay $75 + 50*28*24*0.0025 = $159
    • In March 70 machines - pay $75 + 20*31*24*0.0025 = $112.2

In case of utilizing Igiko in integration with WHMSC, you will have to use special WHMSC Igiko extension.