What's new in version 1.2

january 22, 10:56 am
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What's new in Igiko Management Tools 1.2

Version 1.2 (10.01.2019)
  • fix error adding localhost on the first start
  • service run as a user by default, waiting for ps init after WMF install, fix upgrade
  • fix for firewall rules
  • fix registering global admin
  • support Windows 7/2008R2SP1, fix windows 7 RDP
  • check PS version on adding a host
  • added support of x86
  • setup improved: auto download & install wmf4.0 if not installed
  • check prerequisites for .net 4.5
  • auto-added localhost on the  first run and related fixes
  • fix adding remote hosts
  • improve setup XP: license code auto inserted, binaries and MSI now signed, check ports availability
  • automatically enable RDP on hosts adding
Version 1.1 (20.11.2019)
  • fix local WINrm configuring
  • setup flow minor changes
  • added trial full mode
  • fix removing the license from extra instances
  • licensing fixes
  • fix run browser on uninstall
  • fix SSL checkbox for a free version
  • added SSL for RDP gateway
  • support for paid version: SSL & SQL