Create custom users and use custom authentication with the new Custom Users feature in Igiko Management Tools 2.0.

7/7/2021 12:24 AM
how-to, permissions

In release 2.0 of Igiko Management Tools, one of the new features is Custom Users. It allows you to use custom authentication instead of using Windows domain Active Directory infrastructure. The article describes the main use cases and differences between these two authentication modes.

Windows authentication mode is intended for the companies having Windows domain infrastructure. In this mode, you can operate with active directory users to manage user permissions in the application.  To log on to the application, users should use their domain credentials. If they open the Igiko Application within the local domain network, no login/password will be requested.

Custom authentication mode does not require a Windows domain, users are stored in the Igiko database.  Using this mode, you will be able to create, delete, and edit users for Igiko independently of the Active directory.  This option can be useful for MSPs and hosting companies.  You can provide access to the resources without creating Windows users this way.  

Also, if you choose custom authentication you will be able to use another new feature Web Tunnel. If it is important for you to have access via a public domain address provided by Igiko, select the custom authentication mode during installation, since the Windows authentication mode is not supported by the web tunnel.

If you need to enable external access to Igiko running in Window authentication mode, then you must manually configure the necessary ports on your router to make them accessible through your public IP address.

For a video tutorial, check this link.