How to update Igiko 3.0

4/14/2021 11:00 PM
how-to, update

The ability to update Igiko Management Tools more conveniently is now available in version 3.0.


This is a quick article on how to update the software to the newest version.
In previous versions, to update the Igiko Management Tools, you had to go to the website, fill out a form, download the app, and go through the entire installation process from scratch.

It took a lot of time and movements and was not user-friendly.

To avoid this problem, we have simplified the update process as much as possible.

Now, when a new version is released, you will need to make just one click with the mouse.

Go to the settings tab. Next to your license number, you will see an "update" button.

Click it and that's it. The app will be automatically updated to the latest version. You can also watch this video.