Release of Igiko Management Tools 3.1

3/29/2023 10:26 AM

Two new features are now available in the updated version of Igiko 3.1: Windows Process Monitoring and Host CPU Temperature Monitoring.

Monitoring and checking the status of Windows physical computers and Hyper-V virtual machines will help you receive notifications about performance degradation before it affects the user's work. Igiko continuously monitors the performance of all available objects. Each counter can be viewed on dedicated charts.

New “Windows Process Monitoring” feature allows you to get information about how long each process was running. You can monitor all processes running on the host or VM. To do this, select the host or virtual machine you are interested in and click on the Processes tab from above. The time range of monitoring data can be selected in the drop-down list.

The second feature available in the update is CPU temperature monitoring. To view it, you also need to select the host you are interested in, then go to the CPU tab and select CPU Temperature in the drop-down list.

The CPU temperature can also be tracked for a day, two weeks or a year.

Thanks to this function, you will be able to monitor the temperature and make sure that it does not exceed the critical value. In addition, you can set the critical value yourself. To do this, click on the Rules icon at the bottom and set the required value.

These functions will help you always stay up to date with the status of your hosts and VMs. If you haven't downloaded the new version of the Igiko yet, follow the link and start exploring our unique features.