Set group permissions once and then simply add users to groups with Igiko User Groups feature.

9/14/2021 12:29 AM
how-to, user groups

In this article, you will learn about renewed User Groups feature that became available in Igiko 3.0 version. This feature works great for both large organizations that need to share resources among the company departments and for a simple collaboration if you need to make sure that certain people can always connect to the hosts/VMs they are allowed to work.

User groups are easy to configure and use. With this feature, you can always be sure that department employees or private users have access to the desired resources.

After the Igiko Management Tools installation, you can create groups in the Permissions tab. Give them names like "PR", "DEV", or "Personal" and set the access permissions.

Now you can add new users with the automatically applied permissions from the group level.

You can also watch this more detailed video.